Landlord Obligations

Landlord Obligations

Best Naples Florida Rentals is pleased to offer the following helpful hints and general information to Owners purchasing properties for Seasonal Rental.  In order to rent your Seasonal Unit for the longest period of time, at the best possible rate, and with the least amount of aggravation, we offer the following suggestions.


Making the decision to purchase a two-bedroom or three-bedroom property can be a big part of your rental success.  Many condominium documents restrict the number of occupants to the property when the owner is not in residency.  The majority of the rules read that there cannot be more than 2 occupants per bedroom.  Seasonal Tenants visiting for long periods of time will more than likely have friends and family members visit during their occupancy.


Most Condominiums and Gated Communities have restrictions on Rentals.  They can restrict the number of Leases you can have in a year, as well as the duration. The most favorable restriction is Leases of a minimum of 30 days where 12 Leases are permitted in a year.


A Radio Alarm Clock should be placed in the Master Bedroom; and it is also a nice addition in an additional bedroom.


Tenants love kitchen snack bars with stools, and truly hate plastic dishes!  If you are placing Bar Stools in the property, please make sure that the wall surface in front of the Bar Stools has a good washable base of paint.  Foot prints and scuffs from the use of Bar Stools cannot be avoided.  We cannot clean this area when the tenant vacates with the normal Developer supplied paint.  To do so removes the protective stucco on the wall and can actually cause damage through cleaning.


All windows must have blinds, drapes, etc.  Frosted bathroom windows and windows with electric shutters are the only exception.


The Unit should be sparkling clean. Cabinets, drawers and appliances should be cleaned.    This includes all small electric appliances, toaster ovens and silverware caddies!  Linens should be folded in a uniform appearance as it makes them appear fresh and can also be inventoried easier. All windows must be washed inside and out. Lanais should be pressure washed when necessary and patio furniture/cushions cleaned with any signs of mildew.  When necessary, carpets must be cleaned and walls repainted.  Refrigerators must be clean and emptied down to a fresh box of Baking Soda.


Start-up spices in the kitchen are always appreciated.  If you leave cleaning supplies, the majority of the tenants will maintain the property during their stay.  Few tenants will go out and purchase them.  Toilet bowl cleaner, tub and shower cleaner, white vinegar for your tile floors, Windex, dish soap, Cascade and 1 new roll of paper towels.  Campers code applies-“Use what you need but replace it for the next person.”  Each bathroom should be left with a new BAR of soap.  The pump hand soaps are a nice perk, but please understand that it is difficult to use in the shower!  2 rolls of toilet paper and a small box of Kleenex should also be placed in each bathroom.


ALL personal property (clothes, shoes, and personal hygiene products) of the Owner must be removed from the premises.  OR Locked in owner’s closet/or cabinet is common in Seasonal Rental Units.  A closet containing the air handler or hot water heater may not be used as an owner’s closet as access may be required with a mechanical emergency.



Screened Lanai/or Patio

4 Chairs and/or lounges

2 small tables

1 table for dining if there is room


Furniture- Living/Dining Room/Bedrooms

In addition to the usual furniture in these rooms, please pay attention to lighting.  There should be at least 2 good reading lights in the living room and additional lamps on the dressers are appreciated.  Avoid stringing or loose cords.  This can create a safety hazard!


Master bedroom should have a preferably a King Size bed.  A tenant comfortable in a Queen Bed will also be comfortable in a King.  Unfortunately, those used to a King Bed may not find a Queen Bed acceptable.   A full size bed in the Master Bedroom is not acceptable.   The guest bedroom should have twin beds.  Each bedroom should also have a corner chair.  This is also a great place to store extra Dining Room chairs when they are not in use.  A small tray or open candy dish is also helpful for tossing in loose change/and or jewelry at night.


Stained mattresses and bed pillows are a health code violation!



A table and chairs if there is room,





China soap dishes and toothbrush holders



Night Lamps

Soap, toilet tissue, Kleenex, robe hooks for doors and toilet bowl brush set.


Bath Linens

8 bath towels

8 hand towels

8 washcloths

4 beach/or pool towels

Shower curtains w/liners

2 scatter rugs (Non Skid Backing Please!)

2 bath mats

(Shower caddies are also nice)

A Grab Bar in the Master Bath shower is a great safety precaution!

Bedroom Linens

Mattress Pads (no plastic covers!) and pillow protectors

2 sets of sheets and pillowcases per bed (no iron)

1 blanket per bed

2 bed spreads or 2 comforters.

At least 2 bed pillows per bedroom

Note: If there is a sleeper sofa, extra pillows, sheets, pad and blankets are necessary.


Kitchen Linens

6 dish drying towels

3 dishcloths

2 potholders and/or mitts

4 casual placemats (plastic, vinyl for use in kitchen for breakfast/snacks)

8 place mats (no iron)

8 napkins (no iron)

 Kitchen Accessories-(Dishes-Glassware-Flatware) Includes: 

8 dinner plates                                                 8 iced tea glasses

8 cups and saucers                                          8 hi-ball (10oz) glasses

8 salad plates or bowls                                   8 juice glasses

8 bowls (soup)                                                8 on-the-rock glasses

8 dessert dishes                                              8 wine glasses

Cream and sugar                                            1 shot glass

1 large serving platter                                     3 misc. sized serving bowls

Service For 8 Flatware (Stainless) Includes:

8 forks                                                             8 knives

8 spoons                                                          8 salad forks

Plus: Serving pieces                                       8 soup or cereal


Kitchen Pots and Pans

Calphalon cookware or other gourmet choices are not recommended for Rental Units.  Enforcing special care instructions for your pots and pans is virtually impossible! T-Fal seems to be the choice of most Owners. Non-stick cookware also accommodates all restricted diets.

1 large fry pan with cover

1 small fry pan

2 sauce pans with covers (1Qt and 2 Qt)

1 large pot with lid (spaghetti, soups, etc.)

1 teakettle

1 muffin pan

1 loaf pan

1 pie pan

2 round cake pans

1 square pan (optional)

1 9×13 Pyrex baking dish (doubles for cake pan)

1 (1 Qt) Pyrex casserole with lid

1 (2 Qt) Pyrex casserole with lid

Broiler pan set

Roasting pan

Kitchen Continued

1 tall plastic waste basket                                          1 tong

1 pail                                                                           1 wire whisk

1 can opener

1 Blender                                                                  1 cake server

1 10-cup Drip coffee maker (auto shutoff preferred)            1 corkscrew and bottle opener

1 automatic juicer                                                      1 carving knife and fork

1 cutting board (12×12 minimum size)                     1 set of steak knives

Utensils –fry spatula, 1 closed spoon,                                   2 paring knives

1 open spoon, 1 fork, 1 soup ladle                             1 serrated knife

1 toaster (bagel preferred)                                         1 hand can opener

1 toaster oven (optional)                                            1 teapot

2 wooden spoons                                                        1 refrigerator water bottle

1 ice bucket w/lid (optional)                                      1 potato peeler

1 vegetable brush                                                       1 serving tray

1 glass measuring cup                                                 1 set dry measure cups

1 set measuring spoons                                              1 butter dish

1 grapefruit knife                                                       1 set salt and pepper shakers

1 hand grater                                                               1 napkin holder

1 paper towel holder                                                   1 silverware holder

1 drain board and rubber mat                                     1 hand mixer

4 storage containers with lids                                                1 salad bowl

1 rubber spatula                                                          1 salad server

1 funnel                                                                       1 2 qt. Juice pitcher with cover

1 colander                                                                   Coasters

Hot pad or trivet                                                         Bread basket

Set of mixing bowls                                                   Sponges

1 potato masher                                                          2 Chip clips


Other Necessary Items

1 vacuum cleaner with attachments                           Extra vacuum bags and belt

1 toilet plunger                                                           1 scrub brush

1 “fresh” wet mop                                                      1 broom and dust pan

1 Electric steam iron                                                  Ironing board with cover

Laundry basket                                                           Hangers- 4 dozen recommended

Extra light bulbs                                                         Misc. cleaning rags

1 (2) step ladder                                                         1 toilet plunger

Current telephone books











Suggestions For Additional Items That Make Your Unit Special

Microwave and accompanying cookware

Card table and chairs

Beach chairs and clip on umbrella

Desk and reading materials

Electric broom or dust buster

Extra pillows




Extra Hangers

Coffee Mugs

Extra Pots and Pans

Chip and Dip set

Plastic thermal glasses

Starters of aluminum foil, plastic wrap, trash bags

Laundry drying rack (great for wet bathing suits!)

Stereo with CD player

Burglar Tabs on Sliding Doors


Additional Items For Convenience

Local Map

Telephone pads and pens

Scotch tape

1 feather duster

1 hammer

1 Phillips screwdriver

1 flat head screwdriver

1 pair of pliers

1 pair of scissors

Small first aid kit

Paper towels

Needles and thread (standard black and white)

Instruction Booklet for Answering Machine and Self-Clean Oven!

Extension Cords are growing in popularity for use with Laptop Computers


Electric Coffee Percolators, Pressure Cookers and Ashtrays are prohibited in EVERY UNIT for obvious reasons.  It is the owner’s responsibility to supply manufactured recommended cleaners for all Cook-top Stoves.


We highly recommend that you do not over-equip your Unit.  Excess silverware, glasses, towels, linens, etc. may encourage a tenant to delay regular daily maintenance.  This is an open invitation to wet towels lying around as well as pest problems in the kitchen area.  Also when there is excess, things begin to disappear.  This is especially true when it comes to linens and glassware.


Throw out old telephone books when you receive new!


If you have questions during the furnishing process, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.  If you desire to maintain an Owner’s Closet, we would be glad to make helpful suggestions on the best way to accommodate your Unit!


We would be most happy to create an Arrival and Departure checklist to assist you in the protection of your Unit during your absence.  Our Cleaners will also utilize this list anytime a Unit is vacated.


Best Naples Florida Rentals must also be added to your permanent access list on all Security Gated Communities. We must have valid entry codes if it is a manual entry system.  At least one gate opener is mandatory for all rental properties with a security gate access and it should be left in the Unit.


The purchase of Homeowners Insurance coverage in Florida is becoming more and more of a challenge.  We have heard comments in the past of “just don’t tell your Insurance Company that you are renting your Unit!”


Please note that if you have not notified your Insurance Company in advance of your rental interests, and without the proper endorsements, loss of use to your Unit may result in a complete loss of anticipated Seasonal income.



Last but definitely not least; if you are going to Homestead your Florida residence with the intention of Seasonal renting the property, the following regulations apply:


If your property is your Homestead, please contact the Collier County Property Appraisers office for up to date information on any changes that apply to renting a Homestead Exempted property!


In closing, we feel that it is important that you understand that at the end of each winter season, our Landlord’s can expect to have some touch up painting, may prefer to have their carpets cleaned as well as comforters and bedspreads professionally laundered.  To think that we are going to charge every tenant for ordinary wear and tear is not being realistic.  After a winter Rental Season you can anticipate some maintenance corrections.  Everything in life shows wear with usage and age.  A Tenant does not have the right to abuse, neglect, carelessness or loss.  These are the four items for which we enforce security deposit claims.  Overage in electric and unauthorized long distance calls are an automatic security deduction per our Seasonal Lease.  If you place long distance phone blocks on your telephone, it will eliminate unauthorized telephone use completely. Most use cell phone now so phones in the unit are not necessary.


We highly discourage you from allowing family and friends to use your Unit on a casual basis.  If you do so, we recommend that you give us a call, let us know their arrival dates and departure dates.  We will gladly contact one of our Cleaners and send them into the property to Clean and properly shut the Unit back down with your written request.  Just inform your family and guests “upfront” that they will be responsible for this charge and service.  I have never known a friend that has been given a free week use of a Unit to dispute a $150 exit charge.


If you send family or friends to the area, please make sure that you also send them with the Keys!  Best Naples Florida Rentals will not disburse Keys to any property without the written consent of the Owner.  The person retrieving the Keys must also present photo identification.  There are no exceptions to this rule for obvious reasons.


Best Naples Florida Rentals will check your Unit on a monthly basis because we have your Rental Listing.  We are Licensed and Insured and provide this service for a monthly fee.


Best Naples Florida Rentals  does not accept Rental Listings whereby we are restricted to only Summer Leases.  All Listings must allow us to rent your property for no less than two consecutive months of High Season.  High Season in Florida is considered January, February, March & April. Both November & December have become very good months as well and generally only discounted $400 from the high season rate.




All Association required Application/or Transfer Fees, 6% State of Florida Sales Tax, 4% Collier County Bed Tax (5% Bed Tax for Lee County), electric use in excess of $125 monthly (this charge varies and mainly in homes with Pools), excess water and sewer if it is not included in the Landlord’s quarterly condominium assessment, post-occupancy cleaning, Office Application, Credit/Background Checks, Renters Insurance and Trip Cancellation Insurance if requested.



Preoccupancy cleaning, water, sewer, basic cable vision, Internet, electricity up to $125 monthly, trash removal, interior maintenance and any required repairs, Condominium and Homeowner Association fees, real estate taxes


Best Naples Florida Rentals  charges a commission of 15% on all Leases. Commission is disbursed to Best Naples Florida Rentals at the time Rental Proceeds are disbursed to the Landlord.  Since all Seasonal Leases must be paid in full prior to Tenant occupancy, the entire amount due to Landlord under the Lease is disbursed to Landlord within 5 days upon receipt of funds.


Landlord checks are delivered by First Class mail.


Best Naples Florida Rentals provides the following Limited Management Services for compensation paid to Broker;


Assisting to obtain Rental Registration Certificate –Florida Dept of Revenue

Lease Preparation. Full Tenant Screening Proceedures on Annual Tenants (Criminal, Credit and Background Checks)


File Rental Applications as may be required by the governing Condominium Association/and or Homeowners Association


Supervise Post-Occupancy Cleaning & Pre-Occupancy


Pre-Occupancy Inventory


Tenant Check-in


Rental Proceeds Disbursement to Landlord


Assisting to obtain Applicable Sales Tax Disbursement Forms to the Florida Department of Revenue


Assisting to obtain Applicable Tourist Tax Disbursement Forms to the Collier Country Tax Collector/Lee County Tax Collector


Dispatch licensed contractors for repairs to the premises during Tenant Occupancy


Tenant Check-out


Supervise Post-Occupancy Cleaning


Exit Inventory


Shut down of the Premises per instructions of Landlord at termination of Rental


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