Tenants Must Follow Our Rules

Tenants Must Follow Our Rules

ARRIVAL – Check- in time is after 12:00 noon. Other times can be arranged but either way the Tenant must notify Best Naples Florida Rentals of the projected time of arrival.This time has been scheduled so that we can have the property properly cleaned and inspected for the arriving guest. Best Naples Florida Rentals will meet our Guests and provide keys, gate openers and passes. We will do a walk through to make you comfortable with the unit and answer any questions. This is the time for the Tenant to also make note of any problems that they observe so it can be corrected and not deducted from their security deposit

DEPARTURE – Check Out – Tenants must vacate the property on the last day of tenancy before 11:00a.m. Any changes to this time must have written permission from Best Naples Florida Rentals prior to departure.  Best Naples Florida Rentals will meet departing Guests and Tenants will return keys, gate openers and passes. LEAVE BEDS UN-MADE if used; last day’s BATH towels only. Dinnerware and silverware should be cleaned and placed where found. PLEASE remove all food from cabinets and refrigerator. All trash must be removed from the unit in properly sealed garbage bags and placed in “Large green waste container” or Condo Dumpster. Excessive laundry of more than 2 loads will cost tenant an additional $50 per load, garbage, or loose items in garbage cans will result in additional fee’s. There’s a $20 to $50 charge for lost keys and $100 charge for lost garage door openers.

NO SMOKING! – Please refrain from smoking in the units. No SMOKING on Lanai! You are welcome to smoke outside each unit, provided you dispose of your “butts” appropriately! You will be charged a $1000 fee to bring the unit back to non-smoking standards.

TRASH & RECYCLABLESLarge green waste containers are located at each unit. Trash pick-up is listed in the information book provided at each accommodation. Single Family homes Containers are on wheels and must be place at the foot of the driveway for pick – up the evening prior to collection day.   If you depart on garbage collection day, gather all trash the evening before departure in sealed garbage bags and place curbside for pick up, loose items in cans will result in additional fees being charged. If you miss a trash or Recycle day, you will be charged an additional fee to remove excessive trash from the property.  Garbage comes twice a week, recycling once.  Although we all like to Recycle, if there is not a collection day prior to your departure, place all recycling in the garbage container for disposal on the next trash day.

NOISE – We ask that you keep the music and excess noise down to a minimum after 10p.m. Also, No large parties please.

PETS – In some cases the homes allow pets, you must let Best Naples Florida Rentals know if a pet will be with you, upon approval of your pet an additional pet deposit will be require or you may purchase damage insurance. Don’t just show up with a pet without prior approval. You will be asked to make other arrangements and may result in losing your deposits.


PHONE CALLS – Please plan on using your cell phone as most Landlords do not have landlines.

CANCELLATIONS –  There are NO REFUNDS. If you are forced to cancel your trip you may forfeit all of your rental rate and tax. The only money refunded would be your cleaning fee and security deposit.

SECURITY DEPOSIT – If you pay a $1,000 Security/Damage deposit, refunds are issued within 30 days of departure if all .

REPAIRS – Please notify Best Naples Florida Rentals within 24 hours of any damages noticed by you upon arrival or during your stay. All equipment in the unit should be in working order. Every effort will be made to rectify the problem ASAP, but we cannot refund your money due to any mechanical failure. DO NOT CALL ANY SERVICE COMPANY ON YOUR OWN OR EXPECT TO PAY FOR IT.

WI-FI Internet – The wireless Internet is password protected, passwords are located in the back of the property information booklet or provided.

RIGHT TO ENTER – Owner or Best Naples Florida Rentals shall have the right to enter the premises for inspection, maintenance, and repair during reasonable hours, or as provided otherwise by the laws of the State of Florida.

ADDITIONAL REGULATIONS – Guest shall not sublet nor assign this agreement. If children are not permitted, children of Guest’s legal family may visit occasionally (up to 25% of this agreement’s term). Guest agrees to keep number of people occupying the premises under the maximum number of persons stated. Failure to comply with all these regulations may result in forfeiture of security deposit and/or additional fines levied by Collier County of Florida or the Association.

INDEMNIFICATION – The Guest(s) agrees to and does hereby indemnify and hold harmless Best Naples Florida Rentals and representatives, and the home (premises) owner, his representatives, successors and assigns from any and all claims, liability, and injury to person or persons upon the premises from any cause whatsoever. This full indemnification includes and is not limited to any and all suits, injury, costs, losses, actions, court costs, attorney fees, penalties and damages of any kind, however caused, (except willful gross negligence) and any expenses arising from or related thereto, from the Guest’s rental use and enjoyment of the premises.

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